CRAFTED EARTH, INC. | Laytonville Strawbale Residence
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Laytonville Strawbale Residence

Construction, Design, Residential, Structural
About This Project

The Hart Residence is a net-zero energy, 2500 SF home built of straw bales, wood, and earthen plasters. Its passive solar design and effective insulation keep inhabitants comfortable in extreme summer and winter temperatures with only one wood stove. The sustainable features include an earthen floor, earthen plaster interiors, straw bale walls, heavy timber framing, greywater recycling systems, solar panels, and windfall redwood windows. Net-zero homes like the Hart Residence can be designed and built for similar costs to conventional construction, and with California Title 24 policies aiming to make all new residential construction net-zero by 2020, earthen buildings are an increasingly wise investment.

Crafted Earth’s Senior Engineer, Eric Spletzer, was involved in the Hart Residence from the early conceptual design through the physical construction. Contributions included design, energy modeling lead, system specifications, draft drawings, and construction crew member. Our Project Assistant, Doe Dearr, also has construction experience and expertise in straw bale building.  Our firm is committed to a sustainable future, and we are happy to discuss the various options available to clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hart Residence Lead Architect: Common Sense Design