On Schedules
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On Schedules

On Schedules

Good design takes time.  The design process for a remodel may take four to six months or longer. The design of an addition or new construction can be twice as long.  Once the design is complete, the project will go through the permit process and only when it is finally approved by the city, construction will start.  This means that even simplest remodel of an existing home from the start of the design to the end of construction is at least a 6-month process.

Above is an image of a typical design schedule for a roughly $250,000 remodel, which is typically a 10-12 month process .

The phases of design are as follows, with rough estimates for timeline based on a a$250,000 project.

  • [glossary]Existing Conditions[/glossary] or ECs – 2-4 weeks
  • [glossary]Schematic Design[/glossary] or SD – 4-8 weeks
  • [glossary]Design Development[/glossary] or DD – 4-6 weeks
  • [glossary]Construction Documents[/glossary] or CDs – 4-6 weeks
  • [glossary]Permitting[/glossary] – 6-10 weeks
  • [glossary]Bidding and Mobilization[/glossary] – 6-10 weeks
  • Construction – 3-4 months



Eric Spletzer
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