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Design Development

Design Development

In this phase, we begin to develop the details of the design.  In contrast to Schematic Design where, for example, we develop the overall floor plan of a kitchen that simply indicates where the big blocks of cabinetry are located, in Design Development we will develop the actual cabinet sizes and refine the proportions.

One of the advantages of our integrated process is that we can address engineering and systems design in Design Development, while the typical design, bid, build process tends to regard structure as an afterthought, a consultant’s input to be “rolled in” to the final drawings.  Addressing the systems like energy and structure early on in the process allows for more elegant and economical solutions.

At the completion of Design Development, the documents can be utilized for final energy analysis and compliance documentation.  We also generate a procurement schedule of fixtures and finishes that need to be selected.  Some clients prefer to select their own fixtures and finishes, however, most would benefit from the help of an interior designer.  An interior designer can reduce the time involved selecting fixtures/finishes by narrowing the options and ensuring that the final result is a coherent visual whole that improves the client’s property value.

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